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Lajpat Nagar New Delhi



Karol Bagh DelhiLajpat Nagar Market is located near the Ashram Chowk in South Delhi. The market is a mixture of roadside stalls as well as glitzy showrooms. Here, you can shop for anything, ranging from clothes to footwear to accessories to bags. You can find ethnic Indian wear on one hand and the latest in the western style clothing, on the other. If you are buying anything from the stalls in the Lajpat Nagar Market of Delhi, India, do not forget to bargain with the shopkeeper to reach a reasonable price.

Lajpat Nagar Market is said to be a one-stop shop, as almost anything that you may conceive of buying, is available here. There are many things to do, other than shopping, in Lajpat Nagar Market of Delhi. One of the attractions of this market is the Mehndiwalas (Henna appliers) sitting on the pavement. They will adorn your hands with beautiful henna designs in no time at all. This market also has some watering delicacies to offer. One such delicacy is the steaming Momos sold by the Tibetan ladies here.

Bargaining Skills Needed

Markets like Lajpat Nagar call for excellent bargaining skills, so if you have the doubt that you will not be able haggle with the shopkeepers then take along a local shopping enthusiast. The market is much diversified and one can find home furnishings shops, specified Groom trousseau stores, Indian and western accessories shops (both stores and stalls). The shoes and the bags sold are very chic and worth giving an arm for. The market also has a lane especially for brides called Garam Gali, where you get the latest 'inspired' designs in bridal wear.

Dining Plus Shopping

You can get faux jewelry matching your outfit for as less as Rs 300 for a pair of bangles (the one decorated with false pearls and stones; looking like the real thing). Many vendors also sell beaded decorative pieces and basic things like handkerchiefs and socks. After all that shopping, tuck in some delicious Tibetan Momos, Lebanese Shwawarma Rolls, some Chinese Garlic Prawns and then wash it down with some fountain soft-drink or 'Banta', an Indian cold-drink made of fresh lime juice, rock salt, Limca and lots of ice.

Middle Class Shopping Hub

If you feel like Mc Donald's then reach for 3C's mall and if possible catch a movie in there. Lajpat Nagar market is also famous for the 'mehendi' or the henna tattoo artists specializing in delicate, beautiful and ethnic designs. Lajpat Nagar Phase-1 is famous for car accessories and Royal Car Center (Khanna Motors) one of the oldest car dealerships there. The above reasons make Lajpat Nagar market very popular amongst middle-class families, women shop, men take a look at gorgeous cars and children enjoy their kala-khatta chuskis (Indian ice candies), a perfect arrangement after all.